Why Give Time?

Volunteerism has many motivators and many benefits to those who serve and those who are being served.  Here are some different views and rationales of why volunteerism is key to all we do:


  • The Community Mobilizer – Our city will only reach its full potential when every individual has an opportunity to reach their full potential. This can only happen when we break down socioeconomic barriers and have people engage with respect and dignity, building on one another’s strengths for a better whole. We believe life is a positive sum game.
  • The Follower of God – We are called to serve people in our cities. God said that there need be no poverty amongst us, that we can be the hands and feet to serve those in need, that we shall pray for those in need while we actively serve them.
  • The Pragmatic Economist – No matter how much a non-profit organization can fundraise, it is impossible and impractical for us to have paid staff at the desired volume to give the level of attention needed to people who are attempting the hard work of creating lasting change in their lives.  Volunteers can provide additional manpower for deeper and sustained relationships with clients.


Thanks for your commitment to eradicating poverty in our city!

If you are ready to give your time, sign up for an orientation; if you are interested in supporting the center other ways you can give funds or stuff.