Don’t Retire, Re-Engage!

A tremendous amount of gifted individuals who have retired early but have got more to give actively engage at CityLink Center.   Our city needs you, and there are 22 roles waiting for you at CityLink Center where you can make a life-changing impact on neighbors looking to improve their lives.  All of this can be done at your convenience – you can literally pick up shifts as your schedule allows. People serve anywhere from 4 hours a month to 4 hours a day.

Here are a couple stories of how individuals are using their years of skills to make a continued impact:

BillyName: Billy Cargile     Career:  43 years at Duke Energy, Management

CityLink Role:  Welcome Center / Hospitality

Why I Volunteer: Billy heard about CityLink through his church. He was working at that time and thought he would volunteer in retirement. Billy now volunteers 2-3 times a week at the welcome center. He wanted to give back to the community and to those less fortunate.  Billy felt like he had skills from working 40+ years that he could utilize to support the mission. “It’s uplifting,” he says. “I’ve seen some (clients) go up the ladder to higher achievements. To getting their GEDs, getting jobs, buying cars, improving their life, and I wanna be a part of that.”


Name: Barbara Perry    Career:  Sales Representative for an Environmental Consulting CompanyBarbara

CityLink Role: Service Coordinator Support

Why I Volunteer:    Barb goes to Crossroads and has been hearing about CityLink for years. She said, “I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I thought that this was truly something that could really work, really change people’s lives, and that’s exactly what it’s doing and I’m so proud and humbled to be a part of this organization.”

“When I retired I thought about what did I want this part of my life to be, and I decided that I wanted it to be about giving back and serving. So this is one of a lot of things that I do actually and I love it. That old saying about you get more than you give is really true. It’s very rewarding down here. It’s very inspirational, uplifting and I love it.”

KarlName: Karl Munson  Career: General Electric, Test Engineer

CltyLink Role(s): Automotive/Changing Gears also wants to check out the Gardening Team

Why I volunteer: Karl started volunteering in 2016, newly retired and looking for a way to keep busy. Karl’s friend (Joe) introduced him to volunteering at ChangingGears.  Karl said that he loves the mission and seeing ChangingGears get cars to the right people. The skills he learned volunteering in the garage are really useful, and he hopes to take what he has learned in ChangingGears and work on some of his own cars at home.


Name: Kimberly Pryor Career:  Corrections, Manufacturing, HospitalityKimberly

CityLink Role(s): Women’s group & Gardening / Garden to Table

Why I volunteer: “Oh because I love it!” Kim heard her Pastor share that CityLink needed volunteers, “So I came down here and I like it, and I enjoy it and I’ve come ever since.” Kim said that CityLink is a fun place to volunteer.



PatiName: Pati Payne    Career: Nail Salon Owner

CityLink Role: Welcome Center

Why I volunteer:    Pati, who recently retired from running her own nail salon, said that she started volunteering because, “I was looking for something to fill my time constructively.” But she has stuck around because, “It’s just so much fun.”

Join us in serving at CityLink and put your experience to work transforming lives.