Supporting Services

Supporting Services:

CityLink Clients who have engaged in a Core Service area and are actively participating in attaining their goals at CityLink have access to an incredible line-up of additional supporting services from these great partners. From counseling to transportation, clients have access to 15 different supporting services,  all at one location. Clients navigate through their Core Service goals and Supporting Service goals with one plan, helping them to truly achieve life transformation.


Print Changing Gears provides access to affordable, private transportation by using a model to sell vehicles that is similar to the model used by Habitat for Humanity to sell houses. Vehicles are sold to qualified clients at fair market value with a no interest loan.  Rather than experiencing the entitlement that comes when resources are given and not earned, ChangingGears’ clients will be empowered on their journey to economic stability through earned ownership by purchasing their vehicles.


Beech Acres_LOGO

Beech Acres sole mission is Strengthening Families for Children.   Parent Enrichment classes are based on the guiding principle that parents, and other dedicated adults filling that role, all want the best for their children, and all need education, support and guidance in raising their children to achieve their unique potential.  The Parent Enrichment classes focus on the following topics: Parenting Styles, Communicating with your Child, Stress Management, and Healthy Discipline.

Parent Enrichment:

4C for Children

4C for Children provides free resources and referrals to help families find and choose quality early learning and care.   When a client exits CityLink Center, finding quality childcare is a priority.  Working with our partners at 4C for Children, CityLink is able to connect clients to a childcare specialist who is committed to finding childcare that meets their specific needs. 4C also offers a Parent Enrichment class that helps parents understand the critical first 5 years of life for child brain development. The Blink series helps parents build a foundation for success in school and life.

Emotional Wellness:

Catholic Charities Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio envisions a world where adults are reaching their full potential, in which they can achieve self-sufficiency.  In order to support this vision, they will be offering clinical counseling to CityLink clients to help overcome any emotional wellness barriers that they may be facing.

Benefits Support:

 FreeStore Foodbank

Freestore Food Bank is on site for CityLink Clients to help them access benefits through the Ohio Benefits Bank.   The Ohio Benefits Bank is designed to make it easier for CityLink clients to connect with programs and resources  like food assistance, child care assistance, health coverage, and more.


Clothing Assistance:

 Saint Vincent DePaul

Clothing Connection: St. Vincent de Paul is partnering with CityLink in providing professional clothing for CityLink clients who have complete a major milestone in their action plan and are in need of professional clothing.  This may be for a job interview, GED graduation, or another circumstance where access to professional clothing is necessary.