Client FAQ

Client FAQ

Q: What services are available for an individual at CityLink Center?

A: CityLink Center provides integrated services across our core and supporting services which include: employment, financial education, education, childcare, wellness, transportation, and counseling.

Q: Who is eligible to receive services at CityLink Center?

A: In order to access services at CityLink, clients need to be at least 18 years of age with an income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.  We also seek clients that have stable housing, are not using illegal substances, and are mentally stable.  It takes effort and energy to engage at the center with CityLink Partners, and it would be a disservice to clients to enroll for services if these areas are not stable.

If an individual is currently in need of services in those areas, please consider referring them to an organization that specializes in addiction recovery, housing, or mental health. Once stability in those areas is attained, clients are encouraged to return to CityLink to engage in continuing their journey to holistic well-being.

Q: How many services can a client access?

A: A CityLink client has access to any of the services offered at CityLink.  Service Coordinators work with clients to prioritize specific needs which help in determining the order of access to these services.  CityLink is committed to creating an action plan that is matched with the client’s availability and capacity to avoid client burnout or creating the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Q:  Do you only serve residents of the city of Cincinnati?

A: No. CItyLink Center is not limited in this way. CityLink is able to serve clients in Cincinnati as well as neighboring counties and states; however, transportation and community agencies that provide similar services should be considered.  For example, if an individual lives in Northern Kentucky, Brighton Center may be a better referral as they have a similar model and will be in closer proximity to client’s residence.

Q: Do you offer emergency assistance for rent and utilities to individuals?

A: No.  CityLink provides access to partner services for individuals who have become clients at CityLink.  If an individual is in need of emergency assistance, they may be best served by a referral from their social service provider or congregation to community agencies that provide emergency assistance to address their crisis. CityLink Center clients will receive similar referrals from their service coordinator to strategic referral agencies in the community who provide these resources.

Q: What is the process to become a client at CityLink?

A: The entry point for individuals to access CityLink services is to schedule and attend an Info Session. Info Sessions are on Mondays at 10:00am and Wednesdays at 6:00pm lasting approximately 2 hours.  Individuals can be scheduled for an orientation by calling 513.357.2000. Individuals can also walk into CityLink to be scheduled for an orientation.

Q: What is the client’s experience once they are scheduled for an Info Session?

A: Clients will attend an Info Session, sign a commitment document, and be scheduled for an appointment with a service coordinator.  From this session, the client and the service coordinator will develop an action plan and schedule the client for integrated services in the center.  Clients will identify a primary goal in accessing one of our core resource areas which include financial education, employment, or education.