Client Engagement

If you want to move your life forward, this place is for you.  Call us at 513-357-2000 to start your journey.

We know that getting around town from place to place in order to access services can be tough.  It is sometimes hard to know where to turn for what assistance, who is open when, what services are offered and what qualifications are required.

To make this process about you and for you, CityLink Center has been created.  You can now come to ONE place and be surrounded by ONE team made up of many of the city’s best services and have people walk alongside you to achieve your goals.

We understand that you are a whole person, that one aspect of your life affects another, so we want to help you with all aspects of your life – an integrated approach for lasting impact.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! It’s real, and it is open.

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