Resource Indicators

CityLink will strive to move its clients from “stabilizing status” to “thriving status” across a broad spectrum of resource indicators:

Area From Stabilizing Status To Thriving Status
Education No diploma or GED. Completed a post-secondary educational or vocational program.
Employment Unemployed or temporarily employed. Full-time employment with benefits at $17.50 per hour or more.
Financial No budget or savings. Income does not meet expenses. Balanced monthly budget.  Current on monthly bills.  10% of monthly net income saved
Housing Temporary or transitional housing. Permanent unsubsidized housing for minimum of 12 months.
Transportation No access or funding for public or private transportation to meet needs Owns reliable transportation or public transportation fully meets needs.
Childcare No childcare – active barrier. Consistent childcare for 9-12 months – or – client does not have children requiring childcare.
Wellness Challenges with depression, anxiety or other issue with no counseling support No challenges in last 12 months or has never experienced challenges.