CityLink searched nationwide for best-in-class social services centers who are achieving promising results helping people overcome poverty:

Centers for Working Families (13 locations in the U.S.)
A framework developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Center for Working Families approach bundles employment, financial, and work and benefit support services in one convenient location to help families stabilize their finances, move ahead and build self-sufficiency.

Organizations utilizing the Centers for Working Families method include:

  • The Center for Working Families, Atlanta, GA
  • Bon Secours, Baltimore, MD
  • LISC, Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN
  • Seedco, New York, NY
  • Metropolitan Education & Training (MET) Center, St. Louis, MO


Other excellent integrated service centers include:

  • Community Partnership for the Homeless, Miami, FL
  • Haven for Hope, San Antonio, TX
  • PATH in Los Angeles, CA
  • St. Vincent de Paul Village, San Diego, CA