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Our doors are open for service.  Clients are engaged and volunteers are loving on them. Lives are being transformed.



We will change
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Your generous gift will help break the cycle of generational poverty, changing lives and transforming our city. Sometimes it’s helpful to see the difference your gift will make. Below are some examples of how your generosity can help fund life change:

$10 pays for an hour of childcare, freeing up time for clients to study, spend time with their mentors or meet with advisers.

$50 covers an individual’s National Career Readiness Certificate testing, an important piece of the job placement process.

$112 provides entry screening for 7 candidates, helping identify immediate barriers to be overcome for the client to begin their path to self-sufficiency.

$261 pays for 3 academic course credits towards a GED or a certificate program for job placement.

$450 buys a computer, giving our clients internet access for studying and software to learn business skills.

$10,000 pays for 3 months of case management for 20 clients; case managers will serve as the long-term planning partner for clients, helping to form a road map and support the client on their path to self-sustainability.

Please note that these examples are provided solely for illustrative purposes. All donations will go to the CityLink general budget, and used to fund life change in whatever way CityLink’s staff and board deems most effective and appropriate.

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