Core Services

CityLink Core Services:

The most essential components to moving a person from poverty to economic stability are found in the Core Service Areas of Education, Employment, and Financial Education.   Clients are asked to engage in one of the following Core Service Areas to participate in the full service offerings at the CityLink Center. Visit Supporting Services to review what programming clients can take advantage of as they work on their goals in their Core Service area(s).

Education: Advance your life through learning

Findlay Culinary Training equips individuals who want to get into the culinary industry as a career path.  4 weeks of training will happen at CityLink, followed by a 3-month internship at a new restaurant, Social OTR coming this December.

Per Scholas prepares clients for the CompTIA A+ certification through an accelerated, full-time 10-week technical training course, and is designed for unemployed and underemployed adults who are committed to beginning a career in IT support. Students can also pursue advanced certificates (Network+). Call for class availability or visit the Per Scholas Cincinnati website.

Employment: Start a new job and launch a new career

Cincinnati Works’ mission is to help willing and capable people living in poverty achieve economic stability through employment. Cincinnati Works is not a placement agency or temporary service. They help you gain full-time employment to achieve economic stability through:

JumpStart: focuses on: skills to obtain employment (Applications, References, Interviewing) and keeping a job (Commitments, Attitudes, Employer Expectations, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution).   The workshop helps identify strengths, skills and qualifications for a desired position.

Job Search: Members learn how to search for jobs independently along with the assistance of Cincinnati Works staff and volunteers.  Cincinnati Works has partnerships with over 70 employers in the greater Cincinnati area that provide job leads for entry-level positions paying between $8.00 and $11.00 an hour (or more).  Cincinnati Works helps connect Employers and Members, but Members are ultimately responsible for applying and interviewing for these jobs.

AdvanceYou: Available for clients who have a job but want a better job.  Assistance is offered in pursuing career advancement opportunities through skills training, accessing higher education, development of specific interpersonal skills or obtaining a driver’s license and transportation.

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) is a job-readiness program designed for people with felonies on their records. It focuses on the most at-risk populations (young adults ages 18-25,  people recently released from prison, etc.) and offers a range of comprehensive employment services, including:

Path 2 Employment : A four-day course that addresses and teaches skills and behaviors needed to receive and maintain a full-time job. These classes involve interactive role playing exercise, which help build client confidence and ensure successful interviews.

Short-Term Paid Transitional Employment: Clients may work up to 4 days a week for up to 90 days on work crews. These crews provide services around the city including maintenance, janitorial, and groundskeeping. Clients receive a paycheck and an evaluation from a Site Supervisor at the end of each shift. These work crews allow clients to experience and exhibit valuable workplace behaviors, including showing up on time, taking directions from a supervisor, working hard, etc.

Full-Time Job Placement: If clients have any gaps in job readiness, they are able to receive one-on-one job coaching with CEO staff. Once ready, client meet with CEO’s Job Developers, and are matched with positions that correspond with their specific skills, interests and abilities.

Post-Placement Services: CEO provides ongoing support to clients even after they are placed in full-time jobs, including work-related counseling, crisis management, and help with long-term career planning.

Watch this video to learn more about our collaboration with CEO.

Financial Education: Master your money and your financial future

SmartMoney Community Services is a CityLink Center program that provides economic education, empowering families to achieve their financial goals while enhancing the quality of life in our community.  Financial Education services include a wide variety of SmartMoney Workshops covering topics ranging from basic budgeting to understanding credit, debt, loans, savings, investment opportunities and more. Clients can take advantage of 1:1 Financial Counseling, which provides personal financial support with our Certified Financial Education Counselor. SmartMoney also helps qualify and prepare clients to purchase vehicles from supporting partner ChangingGears. Financial education is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve economic stability.