It’s a Win-Win-Win: Donate a Car to ChangingGears

If you’re like a lot of people, you might think that all car donation programs are created equal. It’s a great way to repurpose a vehicle that you are no longer using while helping the community through a variety of different causes. But thanks to this awesome new video from CityLink’s resident partner ChangingGears, we’ve learned that different car donation programs carry different tax benefits for the donor. And what’s unique about this program is that vehicles donated to ChangingGears actually wind up with local families behind the wheel who are working hard towards economic self-sufficiency.

ChangingGears is NOT a give-away program. Clients pay for their cars through zero-interest; fair market loans and make affordable monthly payments between $75-$150 a month. They are empowered to take control of their futures and the well-being of their families through access to private transportation.

Check out the new video and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Help us get the word out about ChangingGears’ car donation program that provides the max tax benefit while directly supporting local hard-working families and our entire community…It’s a win-win-win!

#WinWinWin #ChangingGears #Cars4Change

Eat Beans & Rice April 5-13th

beansrice cropped for blog

It’s that time of year again folks! And this time…it’s gonna be even more epic. Beans and Rice week has expanded through the Church of Cincinnati and you’ll be inspired to know that over 20 local churches in addition to Crossroads have committed to participating this year.

So what is Beans & Rice Week you ask?  It’s an amazing opportunity to give back to our community by simply adjusting our eating habits for one week. Thousands will replace their daily diets with just beans and rice and then give the money they saved over a week’s time to support the 2014 Beans and Rice fund. Last year the results of this effort were nothing short of astounding. Nearly $400,000 was raised in just seven days! These funds were invested outside the church and went to worthy causes like keeping city pools open and orphan care programs.

This year you can help! From April 5-13th our city will come together and save our cash by eating beans and rice and invest the money saved into awesome causes…one of which will be CityLink Center!

Learn more on Crossroads’ blog and stay connected, inspired and share your journey via social media with #beansandriceweek . Our staff and volunteers will be posting encouragement and inspiration as we all embark upon this journey together to #spreadthelove. So come on and #jointhemovement EAT BEANS AND RICE.

Mayor Visits CityLink to Honor National Service

***UPDATE**** Check out pics from the event on our facebook page here!

On Tuesday Mayor John Cranley visited CityLink Center to celebrate the Mayor’s Day of Recognition for National Service. Over 1,700 Mayors from across the country came together in their respective cities to highlight the impact AmeriCorps, Senior Corps and other volunteer programs have on addressing our communities’ challenges. Mayor Cranley presented a proclamation declaring April 1st as National Service Recognition Day. Over 70 people attended, including AmeriCorps, VISTA, and Senior Corps members from Santa Maria Services, Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, Public Allies, College Now, LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation) and CityLink.

We heard from one Senior Corps member who spends her days a Foster Grandparent to preschoolers and we all smiled as she described a typical day that involved too many potty breaks. We also heard from an AmeriCorps member who expressed her appreciation for her experiences helping high school students garner the motivation and confidence to chase their college dreams. She recalled a student who was certain he had to go to a community college, but she convinced him his grades were good enough to apply to the university engineering program he really wanted—and he got in.

Over 380,000 members are engaged in formal National Service Programs throughout the U.S. The number of people who want to help their fellow neighbors in need is staggering. It’s even overwhelming to think that we are surrounded by such heroes every day…and frightening to think what our cities would be like without them.

We are so very thankful for the talent and compassion of our own AmeriCorps VISTA members here at CityLink. We salute them and the hundreds of volunteers from across Cincinnati that enable CityLink and our partner organizations to love on the working poor in our city like never before.

For more information about getting involved in the AmeriCorps Program here at CityLink check out this past blog.

Visit the Corporation for National Service at  to learn more about these programs and more.


Mayor Cranley honored 60+ National Service Members for their work in our city on April 1, 2014

Mayor Cranley honored 60+ National Service Members for their work in our city on April 1, 2014 with a proclamation naming the day National Service Recognition Day in Cincinnati







LAST CALL: There’s Still Time to Get Insured, Cincinnati

Today is the deadline to enroll for individual health insurance for 2014 under the Affordable Care Act.

If qualified individuals do not at least start the process today, they may be subject to fines that will ultimately be deducted from future income tax returns. If you can afford health insurance but choose not to buy it, you may have to pay a fee known as the individual shared responsibility payment. There are however, a number of reasons that could make you exempt from paying the fine. If you are not sure if you qualify for coverage, subsidies or are if your income is better qualified for Medicaid, there are some online resources that can help. Try this one: .

A person’s health and wellness is key to achieving a better quality of life for themselves and their families.  Get educated, get insured and get focused on your health. If you know you qualify and need to start your sign-up process today, there are still places in town that can help you through 8 pm tonight. Here’s a list:

Agency Times Address Phone
Enrollment Assistance Center 8 – 8pm Cincinnati, OH  452274790 Red Bank Expressway, Suite 208 513-802-8092
Cincinnati State 10 – 6pm 3520 Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45223 (513) 569-1500
Talbert House Warren County 10- 5pm 759 Columbus Ave, Lebanon, OH 45036 (513) 932-4337
Santa Maria Community Services 10 – 3 pm 3301 Warsaw Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45205 (513) 557-2700
Talbert House 6 – 7:30pm 2880 Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45225 (513) 221-2398
Hamilton County DJFS  8:30- 12pm 222 E. Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH  45202 513-946-1000
Braxton Cann Clinic  1- 5pm 5818 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH  45227 (513) 271-6089
Enrollment Assistance Center 9 – 5pm 2303 Gilbert Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45206 513-281-3228
Primary Health Solutions 8:30 – 5pm 210 S. 2nd Street, 2nd Floor, Hamilton, OH 45011 513-892-1888 ext 1122
Primary Health Solutions 10 – 3pm 1036 S. Verity Parkway, Middletown, OH 45044 513-892-1888 ext 1122
Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency 9 – 1pm 1740 Langdon Farm Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45237 513-357-4633



One Week until Party For a Purpose

What are you doing Friday Night April 4th?

Looking for an opportunity to have a fun night out with music, drinks & dancing while supporting great local non-profits, then you need to get to Party For a Purpose.

Tickets are going fast, purchase your ticket today at:

We look forward to seeing you there!

2014 PFAP

Join the AmeriCorps team at CityLink

CityLink Center is seeking  AmeriCorps*VISTA members to join our team beginning  June 2014 to make a year-long/full-time commitment to impact lives in Cincinnati.

Use your knowledge and skills while gaining professional development experience and money towards college.

CityLink Center is a city-wide initiative leveraging the strengths of various social service agencies in Cincinnati.  One place, one team made up of many of the city’s best services and have staff, volunteers, and AmeriCorps*VISTAs supporting local programs.  Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA) build capacity working with CityLink staff and partners to assist in eradicating poverty in our local community.

CityLink is currently seeking applicants for VISTAs in June of 2014 to support the development of CityLink’s volunteer system, fundraising and communication/marketing strategies.

Here’s a quick guide on how to apply or just follow the link and instructions below. AmeriCorpsVISTA Recruitment Ad

  • Look for “Join AmeriCorps!” on the left side of the home page. 
  • Choose “Ohio” in the drop down box
  • “Choose Where to Serve” and then, look for CityLink Center.

Vista Logo

Permanent Calling?

CityLink is currently seeking a few good men & women to help advance our mission of ‘Showing God’s Love to those in need by providing an integrated path to holistic life change” -

First step, memorize our mission statement or tattoo it on your body (just kidding, please don’t do that)

Second step, check out the job openings here 

Third step, if you believe it is a fit and you have the skills and capabilities required, e-mail your resume, cover letter, and references to

Fourth step, once we review the information we will reach out to schedule conversations

Thanks for considering joining our team.




Art Installation

Last year’s MashUp was an incredible event that drove awareness and funding to support CityLink’s mission.

Through the event, our friends from Agar and Higher Level Art, helped to create a lasting piece of inspirational art that now has a permanent home in our cafe.


Installed Mural

Inspired by Romans 5:3

A good day

Today at CityLink we got to celebrate a new job and a new car.

Our clients continue making great strides; Cincinnati Works celebrated with a client who obtained employment after attending their Job Readiness Workshop which lasts for 5 days and occurs twice a month at CityLink.  The class is a great opportunity for people to learn more about the workplace, practice interviewing, develop a resume, and prepare for a successful start.

In the afternoon we were able to celebrate a client vehicle purchase with Changing Gears.  The client is currently working 2 jobs and going to school in order to advance her life.  This vehicle will allow her to have more reliable transportation, get to and from work more efficiently, and save time to devote to studies and people in her life.

It was a good day.

Myth Busting Part 1

Lots of press has been hitting on the issue of social mobility in our country.  Initial reports showed that our city of Cincinnati ranked comparatively at the bottom for people to advance their lives economically.  The latest reports have been analyzing the truth behind the “American Dream”, the incredible belief that through hard work anyone can advance their lives.

At CityLink we see that hardwork is an absolute requisite for advancement.  We also see that the point at which someone starts has a tremendous impact on their long-term potential.  We like to talk about all of us being a result of ability, effort, and environment.  We believe that each of us are born with 2 of those 3 and can then focus on our effort.

At CityLink, we work with clients willing to put forth the effort; our partners & volunteers help clients discover their abilities, and we get to do it in a wonderful environment at 800 Bank Street.

This article ”Mobility Myth”, sites that mobility hasn’t changed much, but still isn’t that great.  The article quotes Michael Harrington who wrote back in 1962 that most people who are poor are poor because “they made the mistake of being born to the wrong parents.”

We acknowledge that where someone is born plays a big part in their life, we are all a product of our environment yet we believe that Hope and life change can overcome any beginning.  We see parents make heroic efforts for their kids and are blessed to be able to go on that journey.  We are working toward the day when all members of our community have safe homes, living wage jobs, access to transportation, access to education, positive community, and restored relationships.

You can join the movement by supporting our center and transforming our community through serving, donating, and praying for our work.